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COPYWRITING, EDITING & MARKETING – Present Your Business At Its Best

First impressions do matter. Consistency is vital.

  • Have a unique voice & personal/ business brand
  • Use the right words and content
  • Look after the overall branding message of your business
  • Are you visible online (website, blogs, social media)?
  • If you don’t stand out on Google you don’t exist.
  • How recognisable is your company’s brand?
  • Be consistent across marketing brochures, presentations and advertising.

=  You Must Get Every Written & Visual Client Touch-Point Right.

You only have one chance to make that first impression.

Repairing damage is harder and far more expensive than presenting yourself in the best possible way from the start.
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Daniela Cavalletti - Cavalletti Communications, Sydney

YOUR BRAND, YOUR IDENTITY – How Do We Help You Strengthen It?

A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person.
You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well, and by being consistent.

A little change can have a big impact – and make the deciding difference. Whether you just want to give your website or brochure a quick buffing, or re-brand your whole business: we get things done for you.

We look at all elements of your marketing and branding that present it to your existing and potential clients. Then we set to the polishing work. That includes assessing either all or just a specific element of your current copywriting, web content, design, and brand message against your product features, customer benefits and brand goals. Based on the gaps or opportunities we find, we will make recommendations to you on how to make your business shine even brighter.

We will help you with branding, marketing and communications options such as:

  • Support & expertise on the challenging author’s journey of writing an outstanding book that raises your profile as A True Key Person of Influence.
  • Author coaching: Get published …. Create lasting evidence of your significant expertise as a published author. Create a lasting legacy.
  • Improving your existing website (web content, SEO, structure, clarity, brand, language, message)
  • Creating new websites (copywriting, SEO, web development & design, CMS)
  • Driving traffic to your website and generate leads (Search Engine Optimisation – SEO, keyword copywriting )
  • Producing corporate, promotional & educational videos (scriptwriting, location & talent sourcing, filming, editing)
  • Polishing your PowerPoint and other presentations (content, template design; clarity, structure, effectiveness)
  • Creating promotional and educational brochures (copywriting, graphic design, printing)
  • Devising e-marketing campaigns (newsletters, emails; periodical, ad hoc, events, sales)
  • Setting up and ghostwriting your blog (engaging your audience, regular posts, moderating comments)
  • Customising your social media & blog design and layout (facebook, Twitter, and more)
  • Keeping your social media up-to-date, creating conversations & loyal followers (connect with your reader, clients & prospects)
  • Helping you translate your site or marketing material (German/English, ask us for other languages)
  • Enhancing your business’s visibility in the media through Public Relations (PR) activity (press releases, targeted publication, PR strategy)
  • Arranging your product launch via our events management service. Organising your conference or creating client entertainment. Including concept/theme, invitations (design, writing, printing), venue & entertainer sourcing, MC service, audio/video & presentation production, booth design.

Below you will find more details about just some of the individual business communication services we provide.
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Business Writing / Copywriting & Editing / Scriptwriting

Online & Print – Website – Blog – Brochure – Advertisement – Video – Presentation – Newsletter – Article
Marketing Material – Press Release – Annual Report – PhD – Book Manuscript

Website Assessment – Content, User Experience & Design

In order to assess your current website content regarding its effectiveness, we ask you questions to find out more about you, the owner, and your business. What drives you, your vision for your business, and what you wish to achieve with your site. These goals are then set as the yardstick during the review of your current website. And for the recommendations we give you for potent changes to your website content, design, navigation and user friendliness.

PowerPoint Presentations – Creation & Review

Do you have a project presentation or sales pitch that needs an impartial set of ears and eyes to give you feedback? Or do you have an existing PowerPoint presentation that needs an overhaul? Maybe you are stuck at how to even begin creating an engaging PowerPoint template for your organisation?
We will help you create, overhaul and assess your PowerPoint presentations. Be memorable: engage, tell a story, be compelling.

Copywriting & Presentation Creation Training

Would you like to be able to write content and presentations yourself, without having to call in a copywriter?  Does your staff need training on how to present without the nerves that often come with this task? Perhaps they need a refresher on how to produce an engaging presentation?
Our trainers coach you or your staff in developing engaging presentations and present them with confidence. We help you to create clear, direct and entertaining presentations – from concept to delivery.

e-Marketing / EDM / Newsletters (email & print)

No time for Newsletters and letting your customers know about Specials and upcoming Events?
Let us take the pain away: we design, write and distribute your newsletter for you.

Translation & Cultural Adaptation

German/English – all levels – literal & culturally adapted translation – marketing materials – print & online.
In all your communications, address your audience culturally correctly – and hence more effectively

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