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Are you a corporate that needs stand-out content?

Being part of the big end of town, your company likely has an internal marketing department, and you might even be globally working with an agency.

Yet, nevertheless … Like many corporate decision-makers you’ll still find yourself in the occasional content pickle. Because you don’t always have the necessary technical writing, business copywriting or marketing communications know-how – or manpower – at your fingertips right when you need it. Be it for large-volume digital marketing content, or big ad hoc business writing projects. From product launches to workshops, annual reports, technical manual updates and the re-writing of your security procedures: there are bound to be gaps in your supplier black book.

Business Matters

Our team of writers, editors and ideas people has worked across a multitude of national and global corporations and understands the intricacies of not only writing, but business and inter-departmental co-operation on projects. We understand your challenges and offer workable solutions.

Does this sound like you?

  • Our global marketing agency doesn’t have enough local knowledge to produce appropriate marketing content
  • Working with freelancers does not work for us – we require more variety and less key person risk; we need a team
  • For cross-divisional projects, we need to bring in an external perspective to unite and make consistent the many voices and requirements
  • Our time poor CXO needs to write a business book to raise his/her profile in a competitive industry – and we don’t know where to start
  • There’s time pressure on our projects – we need a reliable, fast, long-term partner who understands our business and industry
  • We don’t have ready access to specialists such as PowerPoint experts, presentation coaches, media trainers and technical writers
  • Our marketing department works at capacity and cannot take on any ad hoc projects
  • We need our content translated and transliterated from / to German

How we help

  • We’re always available when you need us
  • Well-versed in working with other creatives, we seamlessly integrate with your marketing team’s or external agency’s structure and process to execute your content strategy
  • We’re industry-agnostic, working with clients across all major lines of business
  • A truly global, multinational team, we are aware, agile and adaptable
  • We allocate a writer (or team of writers) to you that exactly matches your needs – and who’ll stay with you, thus quickly becoming thoroughly adept at accurately representing your distinctive business and brand
  • When we create your messages and content, our team thinks beyond the immediate copywriting project: we ensure our work strongly supports your business goals



Having worked in content and marketing for global brands like PepsiCo, Unilever, P&G and Colgate for decades, I needed a switched-on, fast-thinking bunch of people. My team needs to be flexible, highly responsive and, equally important, able to challenge me.

CavaCom delivered the goods. Because they know their stuff and have complete integrity, working with them has been focused, fun and produced first-rate results.

I look forward to more work with them in future – as we look to outsource content to CavaCom for some of the world’s biggest advertisers and agencies.

Josh Black, CEO GroupM Content, Asia Pacific

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