Are you an SME business looking to tell a better story?

As an entrepreneur, small business owner or manager of an SME our days are usually full to the brim with matters that require our attention and guidance; sometimes almost non-stop. We may still be involved in business development, sales + marketing, accounting and HR etc., while the lucky ones have outsourced some or all of these functions to a trusted team of suppliers.

We’re one of you

Like you, we are an SME. So we don’t just understand writing – we do get business (warts and all) and that internal resources can be limited to cover all the expertise we need to run a flourishing business.

And as an active, long-term member of Australia’s most trusted business community, we’ve been working with clients in your niche and plenty of others across industries such as property, real estate, retail, food, business services, construction, finance, legal, health, medical, automotive and information technology (IT) – to name but a few.

Does this sound like you?

  • There’s never enough time to create a plan and ideas – let alone content – for our website, blog or newsletter
  • We really could use some help with our tender and EOI submissions, our awards applications and sales letters
  • I don’t know how we can best let potential clients know that we exist, and stay front-of-mind with existing customers
  • All that marketing jargon can be bloody confusing
  • I have no team / employee who can help me create marketing materials (online or in print), so everything we have is getting really old and stale
  • I just don’t have time for marketing stuff; I’m too busy as it is
  • I‘m just too involved and too close to what we do to really see what’s different and unique about us – and then tell our clients and prospects about it
  • I hate writing about my business; it feels too much like blowing my own trumpet
  • Where do I actually start to create powerful words for our business that really work?

How we help

If these marketing and business writing headaches (or other marketing, copywriting and editing issues) trouble you, don’t worry. We know where you’re coming from.

We’ll help you get back to what you’re best at (and what makes you money) by:

  • Being your on-tap experts – without the staffing cost (yay!)
  • Getting to know your business, services and products inside out at the start once (and keep learning while we work on your projects) so we can then always write words that are spot-on and 100% you
  • Thinking beyond just copywriting, we connect with you as fellow business owners who get the bigger picture
  • Liaising with your graphic designer, web developers and printer – or we bring in our own team and project manage the whole lot for you
  • Matching the best writer / editor to you who then stays your copywriter / editor
  • Telling your story in a way that will make you stand apart from your competition


On The Go Plumbing Services

CavaCom’s copywriting is fantastic: our website now reflects our business – rather than the usual content which all tradesmen have on their sites. And best of all: since we’ve uploaded the new content the level of work coming in via our website has soared! All the leads come in organically, without us having to pay for extra SEO.

Mark Nashaty, Director


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