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Are you a creative agency and need smarter, faster content?

Whether you’re a graphic design studio, a branding or marketing strategy agency, or a crew of web developers, chances are, content often is one your big project bottlenecks. Your team has developed a brilliant strategy and concept, you’ve done some awesome creative work and are ready to roll.

But … your client has not delivered their content – and the project remains unfinished, and invoices unpaid.

Been there, done that

We’ve been in your shoes in our previous professional lives. We know it can be utterly frustrating to have to wait on powerful words to complement your ideas and striking designs. Or worse, get content that does not hit the spot or round-off your concept approach smoothly.

Does this sound like you?

  • Having a permanent in-house copywriting resource is not cost-effective for you
  • You’re trying to write your client’s content yourself but it distracts you from doing the ‘real’ work you love – and that brings in the revenue
  • Working with lone freelancers is frustrating you, because they don’t have the broad or specific enough knowledge you need, right here, right now
  • You’re after an easy briefing process and quick turn-around times for your client copy
  • At times, your clients want more than only the usual marketing content (like website and brochure copy). You need experts in technical writing, journalists to conduct interviews for annual reports, savvy sales pitch writers that condense and convince, video script writers that understand storytelling, tender submission and awards application wordsmiths, etc.
  • You know that having a long-term relationship with your on-tap writer will ultimately benefit your client and your own bottom line – but you just can’t find that copywriting / editing expertise plus business-mindedness mix

How we help

  • Say hello to your on-tap team of experts without the staffing cost (hurray!)
  • Well-versed in working with other creatives, we seamlessly integrate with your structure and process to execute your content strategies
  • We leave our egos at home and present as part of your company or our own business, whatever your preference
  • Totally industry-agnostic, we can work with any of your client projects across all major lines of business
  • As a truly global, multinational team, we are aware, agile and adaptable
  • You’ll have a permanent writer (or team of writers) at your fingertips that exactly matches your needs


Step Change

Thank you, Daniela and Heather, for your speedy and excellently executed work. You hit the nail on the head first time, getting the tone of voice spot on for our client, and capturing the spirit of the brand perfectly. What’s more, you made my job much easier by being professional and extremely responsive. Excellent work. I would highly recommend anyone working with CavaCom.

Chris Bretz, General Manager QLD

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